In March 2017, The Original Sand Crab Tavern became the Sand Crab Tavern, and Anne Mittman and Evalee Waldroup took the helm.

I LOVE a good oyster bar! And now the Sand Crab has a great one. As you walked into the tavern, you passed by The Black Pearl Oyster Bar. We shuck the freshest Pacific coast oysters available every Friday and Saturday evenings. You can enjoy a variety of these bi-valve wonders at your table, delivered to you by your Server, or sit at the Black Pearl Oyster Bar while we shuck them for you on the spot. Either way, nobody in San Diego County has fresher oysters than The Black Pearl. And did you know that we serve our full lunch and dinner menu right at the oyster bar? It’s a great place to meet friends, enjoy a delicious meal, and watch the Big Game on our HDTV’s. I hope you’ll try it sometime.

And while we’re on the subject of BIG, let me tell you about my Voodoo shrimp… Down in New Orleans many Hurricanes ago, I was introduced to a dish called “BBQ Shrimp.” Now, New Orleans-style BBQ probably isn’t what most folks think of when they think of BBQ. Instead of smoke and fire, the shrimp are sauteed, then broiled, in a wickedly rich and tasty sauce. People come from everywhere to eat at that particular place just for the BBQ Shrimp. But you don’t have to go down to New Orleans to get your BBQ shrimp fix!

Perfected over many years of trial and error, my New Orleans-style BBQ shrimp can be enjoyed by you right here. What luck! It’s called Voodoo Shrimp and, like the original, these are BIG, heads-on, peel and eat. Give them a try. I think you’ll like ’em.

However, if you want to stick with your original Sand Crab standbys, no worries! All of your favorites are still on the menu, still prepared as before – always fresh and delicious!

Now it’s time to eat, drink, and have fun. Hey, that’s why we’re here!