Black Pearl Oyster Bar

When you walk through the front door of The Original Sand Crab Tavern, take a look to your right.

You’ve just discovered The Black Pearl Oyster Bar.

Every Friday and Saturday evenings starting around 5:50 pm, we shuck THE FRESHEST Atlantic oysters available anywhere in San Diego County.

Cozy up to the bar, listen to our eclectic music and enjoy a cold beer or a nice glass of wine while your “oysters-on-the-half-shell” are expertly prepared and presented to you atop a glistening tray layered with crystal-clear ice.

The Black Pearl always has a variety of 3 different oysters for you to try – either one at a time or by the dozen. There’s always an oyster menu on hand with detailed descriptions of the oyster’s origin and their particular taste characteristics. Come see us!

Black Pearl Oyster Bar